Fedora 14 Adds Cloud Support and Much More

Everyone is thinking cloud these days. The people behind the latest edition of the Fedora Linux distribution are no different. Fedora 14 offers support for Amazon EC2 cloud technology. The version also marks the debut of virtualization technology dubbed Spice (Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments)

Also, as ServerWatch reports, Fedora 14 features OpenSCAP, an open source implementation of the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) framework for creating a standardized approach for maintaining secure systems.

The Red Hat sponsored Fedora Linux distribution is out today with its second release of 2010. Fedora 14, codenamed “Laughlin,” introduces new security, virtualization and developer features as well as the first Fedora release for the Amazon EC2 cloud in years.

Fedora release comes as Red Hat is gearing up for the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and the company continues to push forward on cloud foundation technologies.

Read the full story at ServerWatch.com:

Fedora 14 Linux Heads to the Cloud

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