Firefox 10 Inspects the Web

In the beginning of the web era, the web browser gave developers the ‘view source’ option enabling developers to see code and learn from others. Browser vendor Mozilla is now going far beyond ‘view source’ with a series of built-in developer tools in the new Firefox 10 release.

Instead of digging through source, Firefox 10 has something called the ‘Inspect Tool’. With the Inspect Tool any Firefox 10 users can right click on any item on a web page and get a menu item that will provide visibility into the code and style structure for an element on a page.

Firefox goes a step further than just visibility by also helping to educate as well. CSS has expanded in recent years with new properties that aren’t well known to everyone yet. In Firefox 10’s Inspect Tool there is also a helper icon that will link users to a Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) page that explains what a given property is all about and how it is used.

With the Inspect Tool, users can also modify how the page looks in their own browsing by adjusting properties. Firefox 10 also includes a tool called Scratchpad which is a JavaScript code editor with syntax highlighting.

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