Firefox 8 Brings Context to HTML5

Mozilla’s rapid release train has pulled into the station on time, with the fifth major Firefox browser release of 2011. Firefox 8 is being released today, providing developers with new capabilities and offering users more security via a new add-ons policy.

“We’re proud of the way Firefox continues to move the web forward in this release,” Gavin Sharp, Firefox engineer and the Firefox module owner told “Our support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) in WebGL lets developers build incredible 3D experiences on the Web in a secure way.”

Sharp noted that Firefox 8 also introduces a simpler way for HTML5 applications to provide a right-click menu, to provide a more complete experience. He explained that this release of Firefox introduces better support for Web applications, allowing them to provide context menu options without requiring complicated custom code.

“Adding this functionality to HTML will make adding custom context menus options easier for Web developers and more consistent and reliable for Web app users,” Sharp said.


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