Ford CEO Talks New Apps for Sync

Ford’s Alan Mulally took the stage at CES today to highlight what’s next to come for Sync, the company’s in-car entertainment and information platform. Ford uses Microsoft technology — now branded as Microsoft Auto — as the basis for Sync, which has been deployed on models for almost two years. Now, the U.S. automaker is revealing some ambitious plans for the road ahead for the service.

Ford Sync and MyTouch at CES

LAS VEGAS — During his keynote address here Thursday morning, Ford CEO Alan Mulally sounded more like the chief of a software company than an automaker, telling attendees at the Consumer Electronics Show that Ford will continue to drive innovation through embedded applications running on its Microsoft-powered Sync software.

“Last year at this show, we showed you our latest innovations using Sync technology,” Mulally said. “A lot has happened since last year. Ford is in a different place and continues to make great products even though the world around us is constantly changing.”

Mulally pointed out that today more than 60 million people are using Twitter, the social networking and microblogging site, up from just 4 million at this same time last year. Twitter, along with Facebook, and other niche-type social networking sites and podcasts will now be easily accessed through Ford’s (NYSE: F) revamped onboard connectivity system.

“We figure out that connecting [drivers] through their own mobile phones was the way to go,” he said. “Our engineers embrace this technology and our new interactive, safe and intuitive interface will be key to driving our growth in the future. Our engineers embrace this compelling vision and Ford has made a commitment to have these features in every model — not just luxury models.”

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