FreeBSD 9.0 Delivers More Power to Serve

FreeBSD has long been a highly-available operating architecture and that’s a key theme in the 9.0 release as well. One such new features in FreeBSD 9.0 is the Highly Available Storage (HAST) framework.

“The ability to do realtime replication to another box is very important to the workflows of many entities that do storage,” Josh Paetzel, FreeBSD release engineering team member told “This feature means that you can have ZFS and realtime replication, which makes FreeBSD a viable solution to the problemsets that many entities face.”

Another new feature is ZFS version 28, which updates the ZFS filesystem support and capabilities present in FreeBSD. ZFS version 28 includes support for data deduplication and triple parity RAIDZ (raidz3). ZFS began as part of Sun’s OpenSolaris effort and made multiple advances under FreeBSD 8.x releases as well.

According to Paetzel, the FreeBSD 9.0 release will be a step-up for existing FreeBSD users.

“FreeBSD 9 should outperform FreeBSD 8 for many workflows, as well as better support for multicore platforms and improved networking,” Paetzel. ” A new NFS stack, newer version of ZFS, improvements in CAM, Softupdate Journalling…the list goes on and on.”

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FreeBSD 9.0 Delivers More Power to Serve

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