Gear6, Schooner Update Memcached Products

Gear6 and Schooner may offer proprietary solutions, but they’re also actively contributing to the open source memcached core.

Both firms this week are updating their memcached offerings for Web 2.0 applications, adding in features such as native query support and an optimized Linux operating system.

But Gear6 and Schooner are also expanding their support beyond MySQL to the emerging crop of NoSQL database offerings.

Linux Planet has the story on the new memcached offerings from Gear6
and Schooner

A pair of vendors that offer proprietary solutions based on the open source memcached project are updating their products this week. While both Gear6 and Schooner are adding their own proprietary bits to enhance their respective memcached-based offerings, both vendors are also ensuring that they also are contributing back to the open source core.

Memcached is an open source distributed memory-based object caching system that enables Web 2.0 applications to scale to meet the needs of high-traffic production usage. While memcached has benefits for users of the MySQL database, both Gear6 and Schooner are now expanding support to include NoSQL type databases as well. Both vendors are also improving the key value store component of memcached, though each vendor is taking their own approach.

Gear6 is adding native query support to its new implementation of memcached.

Read the full story at Linux Planet:

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