Google Chrome Gets FTP, Extensions Tweaks

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From the “FTP Is Still Useful” files:

Late Friday, Google released dev-channel version of its Chrome browser, including a new FTP implementation and updates to the emerging extension system.

In my view, with the release, Chrome’s extension system takes a big step toward being ready for the masses, as the API and user interface stabilize.

The release notes for Chrome, detail seven development items for Chrome extensions that are now included. Among them is a set of more consistent APIs, more granular permissions and a polished extension user interface.

Additionally, the extension toolstrip itself can now be detached from the main interface using with  ctrl+alt+b.

For extension developers, Google Chrome adds what the release notes refer to as, “..convenience developer tools to load an extension and pack an extension.”

These are the types of dev changes that I think of as ‘fit and finish’ (crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s) — the types of items that go in at the final stages of development.

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