Google’s YouTube Opens Live-Streaming Trial

Google’s YouTube has long dominated the online video space, and currently racks up nearly eight times as many views as the nearest competitor. But in the live-streaming sector of the online video world, YouTube has largely stayed on the sidelines.

But this week, YouTube is conducting alpha trials of what could become a broadly available live-streaming video product, inviting a quartet of content partners to give it a whirl Monday and Tuesday. Datamation has the details.

Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) YouTube, the runaway leader in online video, has begun trials of a new live-streaming service, potentially laying the groundwork for a new heavyweight in the Webcasting space.

YouTube is alpha-testing its live-streaming service with four content partners this week, and product managers Joshua Siegel and Christopher Hamilton emphasized the preliminary nature of the trial.

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YouTube Launches Live Streaming Trials

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