How Elasticsearch Uses Open-Source Community to Build Analytics Software

In a video interview with Leslie Hawthorne, community manager at Elasticsearch, Hawthorne explains how the ELK stack came to be and the role the open-source community has played in its development and popularity.

Hawthorne is no stranger to the open-source community. Between 2007 and 2010, Hawthorne was an open-source program manager at Google, where she helped lead community efforts for Google’s Summer of Code program. She has also worked as a community manager at Enterprise Linux vendor Red Hat and has been at Elasticsearch since August of 2013.

The original motivation to build Elasticsearch and its data query capabilities, according to Hawthorne, came from the wife of Elasticsearch creator Shay Banon, who needed a technology to be able to search through her recipes.

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Elasticsearch Uses Power of Community for Open Source Analytics [VIDEO]

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