HP Cloud Biz Set to Hit $8 Billion by 2015 [VIDEO]

Cloud computing is a big business already for HP. 

Saar Gillai, SVP and GM for Converged Cloud at HP said that in 2012, HP did approximately $3.9 billion in cloud business. The current forecast is for cloud revenue to surpass $8 Billion in 2015.

Growth in the cloud is coming from multiple locations. There are some customers that come from competitive displacements and there are those that Gillai described as being on the journey to the cloud.

The cloud isn’t just about virtualization either. Gillai explained that what the cloud provides is greater speed and time to value. The decision to move to cloud should first begin with an understanding of what the enterprise wants to do.

“Virtualization gives you efficiency, but it doesn’t give you speed,” Gillai said.

The speed comes from automation and self-service, which is where the cloud fits in.

Watch the video interview with Saar Gillai below:


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HP’s $Billion Journey to the Cloud [VIDEO]

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