HP’s Details Hybrid Approach to Cloud Services

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  • Cloud computing is a hot topic these days. Companies are constantly rolling out new services and industry players are jockeying to gain an edge by buying and investing in cloud providers big and small.

    Thanks to its massive portfolio of computer products and consulting services, HP (NYSE: HPQ) knows a thing or two or about technology integration. And, as Server Watch reports, HP sees integration as a key issue for enterprises interested in the potential benefits of the cloud, but not at the expense and risk of ditching their established IT infrastructure.

    To read some of the breathless accounts touting the benefits of cloud computing, you might think most companies have already ditched their traditional on-premises infrastructure and jumped whole hog into the cloud.

    But the reality is that the cloud is better-suited to certain applications and, for compliance, security and other reasons, many enterprises aren’t ready to transition their computing infrastructure to a set of cloud services powered by systems they don’t own.

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    HP Pushes ‘Instant On’ Vision of Enterprise Cloud Services

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