IBM Begins Beta Test for AIX 7

High-end Unix systems are not typically publicly-beta tested, but IBM found the last one it did for AIX, its flavor of Unix, worked so well it wanted to do it again. This version of AIX features some important changes, such as the addition of OS virtualization, allowing older versions of AIX to run in virtual containers. Why would you want to run an old version of the OS on the new release? ServerWatch lists a pretty good reason or two.

IBM has launched an open beta program for AIX 7, the company’s Unix operating system for its System p servers running the Power processor, giving customers an early, hands-on look at what’s to come.

The program, which is open to all System p customers, will run for several months at least, as IBM is hoping they can perform some heavy application compatibility testing while checking out new and improved features.

Read the full story at Server Watch:

Now With Server Virtualization Capabilities — IBM Launches Open Beta for AIX 7

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