In Defense of Social Media in the Enterprise

Since social media applications began to win widespread popularity among consumers, there has been a steady drumbeat of IT pundits and evangelists arguing that businesses need to get on the trolley.

The latest comes from author Scott Klososky, who argues in a new book that enterprises need to get serious about using social technologies. By “social,” Klososky means that businesses must go beyond the standard litany of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and delve into things like reputation management.

“There is no question most enterprises aren’t leveraging social networking. Most companies can’t even define what social technologies are,” he says.

“I would say the biggest benefit is all about connecting people at a price and scale we’ve never had and at a speed we’ve never had.”

eCRM Guide hears from Klososky about how enterprises can more effectively leverage social technologies.

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Do Enterprises ‘Get’ Social Media?

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