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Linux Foundation Shepherds Xen 4.3 Open Source Hypervisor Foward

The Xen project is out with is first release under the Linux Foundation banner with Xen 4.3

The new release includes new scalability and security capabilities as well as ARM and SDN technology previews.

Lars Kurth, community manager, Xen Project explained to ServerWatchthat Xen Project 4.3 was the first release that had a release coordinator. The coordinator is George Dunlap, who volunteered to do the job. Dunlap regularly polled the major Xen contributors on what they were working on and how that work was going. Kurth added that as part of the Xen 4.3 development there were six community test days built into the release cycle

Overall, Kurth noted that the development cycle changes were decided by the community in line with Xen Project governance and those changes started before Xen Project became a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project.

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