Linux in 2031 – What Will the Next 20 Years Bring?

Linux fans and developers are gathering this week at the Linux Collaboration Summit in San Francisco. Ahead of the event, got some insight from Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin on the future of Linux.

In 2011, Linux celebrates it’s 20th birthday, but where will Linux be in 20 years?

“Linux will become the fundamental fabric of computing,” Zemlin said. “It really will be something that is relevant across every from of computing, not just the desktop that was important for the last 20 years.”

Looking back across the last 20 years and looking forward to the next, Zemlin also has an idea of when the greatest year for Linux will be.

“The greatest year that Linux has ever had is of course, every year,” Zemlin said. “Since we keep getting sequentially better and better in terms of the technology, market adoption and corporate support.”

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Where Will Linux Be in 20 Years?

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