Making the Case for Enterprise Cloud Apps

Many enterprises are still reluctant to move their application-development operations to the cloud. But many holdouts are eventually won over by the advantages to be gained in workload affinity.

Out at the Interop networking conference in Las Vegas, Server Watch hears from a pair of experts on the chief selling points of virtualization in the enterprise and the shift to cloud computing.

LAS VEGAS — The cloud leverages virtual infrastructure, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t real reasons for enterprises to consider it. In a keynote here at the Interop conference, Kristof Kloeckner, IBM’s CTO for cloud computing, argued that the cloud is a viable mechanism for application deployment in the enterprise.

Taking a page from tech pundit Nicholas Carr, Kloeckner defined cloud computing as the “big switch” that will enable organizations to have more choices of how and where to deploy their applications.

“We’re moving from being the builders and owners of IT assets to an organization that sources IT solutions,” Kloeckner said. “That’s the journey of cloud computing.”

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Cloud Computing Is About Portability: Interop

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