Microsoft Maps Out Road to Azure

The IT sector may be abuzz with talk about cloud computing, but for Microsoft, which is betting big on cloud computing technology with its own Windows Azure initiative, admits that the true coming of the cloud may be some ways off, at least in terms of serious enterprise adoption.

In the meantime, Microsoft’s certainly willing to continue selling oodles of Windows Server licenses. And as Bob Muglia, president of Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business said this week, once Azure arrives in earnest, it’ll help drive even more sales of Windows Server. ServerWatch has the story.

Speaking Tuesday at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco, Bob Muglia, president of Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) Server and Tools Business, said he’s looking for calendar 2010 to be a better year for IT spending than last year. How much better is the question.

Despite significant interest from financial analysts regarding Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, Muglia cautioned not to expect a groundswell of profits from it just yet.

Instead, Microsoft will rely on its enterprise stalwarts — Windows Server 2008 Release 2 (R2), which was released in October with Windows 7, and SQL Server 2008 R2, which is due out in May — to bring home the bacon for the time being.

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Microsoft Elaborates on Long-Term Cloud Computing Play

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