Microsoft Office 2010 Arrives for Businesses

Was it worth the wait? Time will tell, but without a doubt, the release of Office 2010 to business will be welcome news for some enterprise customers who have been eagerly awaiting the upgrade.

In a gala launch event in New York, Stephen Elop, the president of Microsoft’s Business Division, talked up the new features of the revamped productivity suite, which places a strong emphasis on collaboration. It also boasts updates aimed at improving the user interface and delivering a more consistent look and feel across various applications.

And what else is in it for businesses looking to replace Office 2007? Major savings, Microsoft is promising. The company is boasting that customers can expect a 300 percent return on investment over three years, citing a study it commissioned Forrester Research to conduct.

Datamation has the story on the long-awaited debut of Microsoft Office 2010.

“Welcome to the future of productivity. Welcome to 2010.”

With that, Microsoft Business Division president Stephen Elop, declared that Office 2010 is available for sale to business customers worldwide Wednesday morning at a gala launch event at NBC Studios in New York.

However, beyond the flashy premiere and the new features, Office 2010 is more about collaboration than anything else, particularly when the latest version of Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) venerable productivity applications are paired with SharePoint 2010.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Office 2010 Ships to Business Customers at Last

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