Microsoft Office 2010 Dropping a Month Early

It looks like Steve Ballmer wasn’t kidding, after all. Many had questioned how serious the Microsoft chief was when he promised Office 2010 would be ready “in just a couple months” in January. But now the company’s confirming the accelerated release schedule.

Datamation has the details on when Microsoft plans to release Office 2010, and what that means for retail availability.

Microsoft quietly announced that it will release Office 2010, as well as several related products, to business customers on May 12.

In addition, in a manner similar to what it did with Windows 7, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) said it is offering any consumer who buys and activates Office 2007 between now and Sept. 30 a free upgrade to Office 2010 after it’s released to consumers in June.

The timing’s in keeping with earlier promises by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who told an audience at the Nashville Technology Council in late January that Office 2010 would be available “in just a couple of months.”

Although that seemed a bit aggressive at the time, it turns out to be true.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Microsoft to Deliver Office 2010 a Month Early

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