Microsoft Previews New User Interface at Davos

The annual World Economic Forum in Davos, high up in the Swiss Alps, has become a renowned get-together for global elites of all stripes to discuss the great political and economic issues of the day.

And there’s always a healthy dose of prognostication about what’s to come, technology being no exception.

In that spirit, Microsoft is taking to the conference to promote its vision of a natural user interface for computing, melding sensors, language processing and multi-touch displays.

While admitting that the technology is “nascent,” Microsoft’s Steve Clayton noted that a recent survey the company conducted found that “nearly 90 percent of all audiences view natural and intuitive technologies as more than a fad.”

Datamation reports on Microsoft’s efforts to promote the natural user interface technology at Davos.

Read the full story at Datamation:

‘Natural User Interface’ Arrives at Davos Forum

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