Microsoft Pushing IE8 Update in Bing Ads

How eager is Microsoft to convince users to convince users to abandon its aging Internet Explorer 6 in favor of IE8? The software giant is committed enough to place an ad on its Bing search engine directing users to a promotional site that entices users to upgrade.

Meanwhile, while Microsoft is aggressively promoting its IE8 browser, the first public beta version of IE9 is set to be released next Wednesday. Datamation takes a look.

As Internet Explorer 6’s (IE6) usage share declines, Microsoft is growing more aggressive about convincing users to upgrade away from the older browser.

Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) latest play to undercut IE6 — which is still the second most popular version of IE in use on the Web — is a tiny ad that appears on the Bing search engine’s home page, promoting IE8. Clicking on the ad takes users to a site extolling the virtues of IE8 and providing a link to download the latest version of IE, which first became available in March 2009.

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Microsoft Pitches IE8 on Bing in Bid to Replace IE6

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