Microsoft Rolls Out Hotmail Beta

There’s only so much a company can do with an e-mail service, but Microsoft sure has found ways to expand Hotmail beyond just mail. In the new beta version being rolled out today for testing, the company is adding things like Office 2010 support and Live SkyDrive, two important pieces of its Live online strategy. Small Business Computing takes a closer look.

Microsoft announced it’s begun beta testing a new release of Windows Live Hotmail, the company’s popular, and free, Web-based email service, although it’s likely to take some time for the beta to roll out to users around the globe.

The software giant first previewed the new Hotmail service last month.

The beginning of the beta test comes — perhaps not coincidentally — the same day that Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) launched the retail version of Office 2010 for consumers and small businesses.

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Microsoft Releases Beta of New Hotmail

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