Microsoft Talks Up Plans for Azure, Mobile

Steve Ballmer likes to describe his company as “all in” on the cloud. That is to say, Microsoft plans to compete vigorously with Google, Salesforce and myriad other vendors pedaling cloud-based services.

So how are the company’s plans progressing? In one important measure, Microsoft said its Azure cloud-computing platform now counts more than 20,000 paying customers, double the figure the company disclosed in June. The software giant also rolled out a litany of new features intended to make its cloud services more attractive to businesses and developers. Code Guru has the story.

Although Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer emphasized the pending release of Windows Phone 7 during his opening keynote speech at the company’s Professional Developers Conference (PDC) Thursday, much of the focus at this year’s event is on moving computing to the cloud.

In fact, he said that, not only is the company “all in” on the cloud, it is also “all in” — just as committed — to succeeding with Windows Phone 7.

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Microsoft News: Microsoft ‘All In’ on Windows Phone 7 and on Microsoft Azure

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