Microsoft to Host IE9 Launch Party Next Month

It’s almost graduation time for IE9. Next month, Microsoft is planning to take the wraps off of the beta version of Internet Explorer 9, the latest iteration of its market-leading Web browser.

But IE has fallen on hard times of late. Competitors such as Firefox have chipped away at its market share, though Microsoft argues that the most recent market analyses show IE making a comeback. With IE9, Microsoft hopes to extend its dominance in the browser space. HTML Goodies previews the launch.

It’s official. Microsoft will deliver the first beta test copies of the next release of the company’s dominant browser in mid-September.

Internet Explorer 9’s (IE9) exit from developer previews and entry into public beta testing will be feted on Sept. 15 with a big to-do in the Design Center at San Francisco’s cavernous Concourse Exhibition Center, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) said on Thursday.

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Microsoft Planning Gala Rollout for IE 9 Beta in September

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