MongoDB Scores Commercial Support From 10gen

Relational databases have come under lately, as support has been building for a new strain of highly scalable offerings loosely grouped under the NoSQL moniker. One such entrant is MongoDB, which has secured commercial support from 10gen, a firm that has its sights set on Oracle and MySQL.

Database Journal takes a look at how MongoDB’s partnership with 10gen will shape up, and what MongoDB is planning next.

One of the key elements that helps to enable open source software applications to gain broader enterprise usage is the availability of commercial support options. In the case of the open source MongoDB NoSQL database, that commercial support is now coming from project backer 10gen.

The NoSQL movement is an emerging market of databases that are positioned as alternatives to traditional relational databases (RDBMS). With the new official commercial support for MongoDB, 10gen is looking to help grow the open source MongoDB community — and strengthen its position against competitors like MySQL and Oracle — by providing support and training.

At the helm of 10gen is CEO and Co-Founder Dwight Merriman, himself no stranger to the needs of highly scalable databases. Merriam was the co-founder of the DoubleClick online ad network (now owned by Google) and helped to create its ad-serving system.

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Open Source MongoDB Gets Commercial Support

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