Mozilla 2013 Revenue Reported at $314 Million

For 2013, Mozilla reported revenue of $314.10 million, up from $311.0 million reported in 2012. Unlike in the past, the 2013 revenue figure shows a relatively flat growth rate. Back in 2005, Mozilla’s reported revenue was $52.9 million, but grew by 26 percent in 2006 to $66.8 million.

Mozilla’s revenue mix includes multiple components, with the largest line item being royalties from search engine partnerships. In fact, 90 percent of Mozilla’s 2012 and 2013 royalty revenue came from a single source: a search partnership with Google that ends this month. Mozilla has had a search partnership with Google for the last decade, and for that period it has been Mozilla’s largest source of revenue.

For 2013, Mozilla’s royalty revenue was reported at $306.05 million, up from $304.54 million in 2012.

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