Mozilla Details Firefox 4 Plans

What will the next version of Firefox look like? Mozilla has offered a preview of version 4 of the open source browser, set to debut in public beta next month.

Mozilla is planning to integrate its Jetpack add-on technology in Firefox 4, along with other improvements aimed at created a more customizable Web experience.

Datamation has the details on Mozilla’s plans for Firefox 4.

What do Web users want from their browser? That’s the question the Mozilla will try to answer with the next generation of its open source Web browser, Firefox 4.

With Firefox 4, Mozilla plans on including its new Jetpack add-on technology as well as integrating data synchronization with Mozilla Weave while boosting performance and improving personalization and customization. The browser’s first public beta is currently targeted for June with a final release by the end of the 2010.

With that release, Mozilla is aiming to continue to accelerate the Web browser market space as it faces off against rivals including Google’s Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers.

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Mozilla Lays Out Firefox 4 Roadmap

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