Mozilla Looks Toward Firefox Security, Privacy

If the browser is becoming more like an operating system everyday, perhaps it’s time to rethink some of the fundamentals, like security and privacy.

At Mozilla, the security team is hard at work reevaluating the design and usability of its Firefox browser, which is due out in version 4.0 later his year. At a conference in Washington, a member of Mozilla’s security team outlined many of the features the organization is considering to protect privacy, improve security and create a more intuitive user interface. eSecurity Planet takes a look.

WASHINGTON — As it moves ahead with beta testing its Firefox 4 Web browser, Mozilla is taking a hard look at security and privacy.

Here at the USENIX security conference, Sid Stamm, a member of Mozilla’s security team, described the increased security burden that browsers are experiencing as they handle ever-more complex Web applications.

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Mozilla Looks Ahead to More Secure Firefox

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