Mozilla Rolls Out ‘Tab Candy’ for Firefox 4

How sweet it is. Or, well, perhaps candy isn’t the most immediate association Web surfers have with their browser.

So decided Mozilla, renaming its new “Tab Candy” feature “Firefox Panorama” in its formal rollout with the beta 4 version of Firefox 4. But by any name, the new feature aims to give users additional tools to organize their browsing activities by grouping tabs of related Web pages together.

Additionally, Mozilla is moving ahead with a new approach to its public releases in the beta cycle of the popular Firefox browser. Datamation takes a look.

Mozilla developers are out this week with the latest major update of the Firefox 4 Web browser. With the beta 4 version, Firefox 4 integrates two new key features into the open source browser, providing a new way to organize tabs and synchronize browser activities.

The new tab features come by way of a Mozilla project known as Tab Candy, which enables users to group and organize sets of tabs together. In Firefox 4, Tab Candy has been rebranded as Firefox Panorama as it heads for public release.

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Firefox 4 Gets Sweeter in Beta 4 With Tab Candy

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