Netskope: Most Cloud Apps Aren’t Enterprise Read

The race to the cloud is continuing to accelerate, with more cloud apps than ever now being used by enterprises, according to the January 2015 Netskope Cloud Report.

According to Netskope, 88 percent of apps that are already being used by the enterprise are not actually enterprise-ready. Beri explained that at a very basic level, apps scoring “excellent” or “high” in Netskope’s Cloud Confidence Index (CCI) are considered enterprise-ready. There are more than 50 unique considerations that go into an apps CCI rating, he added. The consideration criteria include audit logs, disaster recovery plans, separation of tenant data and encryption of data at rest.

“Not to overly simplify, but the fundamental difference between enterprise-readiness of a cloud app and an app an enterprise deploys in a multi-tenant data center really comes down to check-boxes and who owns what tasks,” Beri said. “With a cloud app, the enterprise is counting on the vendor to make sure things are done right, while in a multi-tenant data center, the enterprise has more direct responsibility.”

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