Now Showing: Longer YouTube Videos

From dancing babies to political satire, YouTube has long been home to a staggeringly wide range of videos from the goofy to the instructional. Though known mainly for consumer-related content, businesses big and small have used YouTube for things like executive speeches and training purposes.

But for its first several years, YouTube put limits on how long videos could run. Now, as Datamation reports, YouTube is lifting the time restrictions for select users, which could lead to a whole new range of video content.

Google’s YouTube is opening up to much longer videos. Back in July, YouTube expanded the maximum upload time to 15 minutes, but today the video site announced a much longer length of time for select users.

Analyst Tim Bajarin said the longer videos are a mixed blessing for IT. On the one hand, it gives companies an easier way to broadcast things like executive speeches, reports and training videos to employees. On the other hand, entertainment and other non-work-related videos can be a distraction and impact employee productivity.

Read the full story at Datamation:

YouTube Opens Up to Longer Videos

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