ON24 Bringing Social Webcasts to Enterprise

When they hear the term “Webcast,” most people think of a one-to-many communication platform. Typically a handful of speakers, or maybe just one, addresses an audience of many. But what if it were a more social experience?

Such is the question that ON24 seeks to answer with its new social Webcasting service, offering a bevy of widgets that allow participants to share content and engage with one another during the presentation.

Datamation profiles ON24’s new social spin on Webcasting.

Webcasts, whether a speech by the company CEO, a new product rollout or educational content, are usually one-way affairs. There’s a speaker and an audience.

But this week Webcasting service provider ON24 added a new wrinkle, bringing interactive, social media elements for a new kind of “social Webcasting” service.

ON24’s service comes with a set of social media widgets that let users chat with individuals or the group and other content-sharing features, but it’s also an open Webcasting platform designed to let customers integrate third-party applications of their choice such as Twitter feeds. The screen itself is customizable, allowing users to move the video-feed window and other elements wherever they want.

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