Open Source JBoss Application Server Reborn as WildFly

The relationship between WildFly and JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is analogous to the relationship between Fedora Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat terminated its Red Hat Linux product line in 2003, evolving to the Fedora Core Linux community. Fedora serves as an upstream project for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

“So WildFly will be our upstream project and it will continue to be the leading edge of what ends up in the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform,” Jason Andersen, director, product line management at Red Hat, told ServerWatch.


As to why Red Hat is making the move now with JBoss, it also has to do with the fact that over the years JBoss has become many things.

“There was of course the application server, there are a number of JBoss commercial products, there was the community site, etc. So when you asked someone, ‘What is JBoss?’ the answer was varied,” Andersen explained. “What we wanted to do was cement the idea that JBoss is a portfolio of middleware products and not just the application server.”

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Red Hat Sets JBoss Free with WildFly Application Server

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