OpenStack Diablo Open Source Cloud Platform Debuts

After six months of development, the OpenStack Diablo release is now available. OpenStack is an open source cloud platform originally started by Rackspace and NASA that has grown to more than 80 member companies.

The Diablo release is the first major release of OpenStack since the Cactus release in October. The new Diablo release includes a long list of new features, including a high-availability mode, a distributed scheduler and data synchronization capabilities. Diablo is also showing off some technical previews for new networking capabilities, identity management and a cloud management dashboard.

“Diablo was our first six month release cycle, the other releases were all on a three month cycle,” Jonathan Bryce, chairman of the Project Policy Board for OpenStack told

Bryce explained that the longer release cycle has led to many feature improvements. Among the improvements is a high-availability controller, which is a change from the previous failover configuration.

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OpenStack Diablo Open Source Cloud Platform Accelerates High-Availability

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