OpenStack Meiji Rescinded, New Names up for Vote

From the ‘History’s Villain’ files:

The OpenStack Foundation has a problem – its’ community voted on the name ‘Meiji’ for its post-Liberty release, but apparently there are some historical challenges with the name.

“We tried very hard with this naming election to ensure that everyone was able to participate in nominations, and that everyone was able to  participate in elections without the sense that someone had arbitrarily limited anyone else’s contribution unduly,” OpenStack developer Monty Taylor wrote. “Clearly the cultural and historical connotations of this choice are an area where the democratic process did not serve us, and I expect us
to circle back and do work to figure out how to do better in our next iteration.”

It’s not entirely clear what happens now – apparently the OpenStack Foundation’s legal team will look at three other choices – Mitaka, Musashi and Meguro as options.

The right solution to this issue is one that has been discussed on the OpenStack mailing lists as well – and that is to drop names all together and just go with a numbering scheme – as names will always offend someone somewhere…

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