Oracle Coherence 3.7 Gets Elastic

Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is out this week with a new release of its Coherence in-memory database.

Among the improvements in Coherence 3.7 is new Elastic Data capabilities. With Elastic Data, flash SSD drives can be used to complement and extend physical memory.

According to Oracle’s own benchmark testing there is virtually no performance difference by using the flash storage in combination with memory. The difference comes in the ease of configuration, management and overall scalability of Coherence.

“What it means for customers is that instead of configuring things on a set of data basis, the system automatically manages and prioritizes the memory, and it’s all done transparently to the application,” Cameron Purdy, vice-president of development at Oracle, told “So with Elastic Data, it’s dramatically simpler to configure and manage and we can now also support dramatically larger amounts of data, terabytes of data in memory.”

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Oracle Coherence Adds Flash to In-Memory Database

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