Oracle Looks to Calm Sun Customer Concerns

When Oracle concluded its multibillion-dollar acquisition of Sun Microsystems, it also had also bought itself a vast number of customers concerned about the future of their Sun Servers.

Since then, those Sun customers haven’t been all that thrilled with the answers and the direction they’ve been getting from Oracle, at least according to a Gartner report last month. As a result, Oracle is now moving to address those worries with an aggressive plan to reach out to Sun customers an communicate its plan for Sun hardware. Datamation has the story.

Oracle has begun a series of briefings to outline its server strategy and provide guidance to Sun customers wondering what the database giant will do with the newly acquired server hardware business.

The move comes after a Gartner report published at the end of June detailed a number of complaints Sun customers made to Gartner analysts. The IT research firm said more than 100 Sun customers had contacted it in the five months following the January acquisition to express dissatisfaction with Oracle.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Oracle Moves to Mollify Frustrated Sun Customers

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