Oracle Presses On With Enterprise Manager 11g

Oracle, the ultimate IT hoarder, spent tens of billions of dollars to accumulate a stash of best-of-breed software applications and, with the Sun acquisition, hardware components to position itself as the ultimate one-stop shop for all things IT.

With this week’s release of Enterprise Manager 11g, the software-giant-turned-systems-neophyte is delivering a suite of management applications designed to wring out some of the efficiencies expected and promised by bringing all these moving parts under one vendor.

In its back-to-the future strategy reminiscent—someone would say identical to—IBM’s mainframe heyday, Oracle now has an opportunity to deliver the complementary management tools needed to make it all work and generate a healthy new revenue stream.

Database Journal takes a gander at how Enterprise Manager 11g will play the conductor in tomorrow’s enterprise IT symphony.

After nearly 30 years of meticulously collecting all the disparate software and hardware pieces needed for a world-class enterprise computing stack, Oracle now has an IT management software suite that it says will help companies configure, update and troubleshoot all these moving pieces from one dashboard.

Enterprise Manager 11g’s release marks the next logical step in Oracle’s (NASDAQ: ORCL) evolution from a mere database software vendor to an all-encompassing systems provider, bringing a backend management tool set for automating, configuring and updating software and hardware throughout the enterprise.

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Oracle Unveils Enterprise Manager 11g

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