PostgreSQL 9.1 Syncs the Open Source Database

Two of the hottest features in the database world are coming to the open source PostgreSQL 9.1 database.

The upcoming PostgreSQL 9.1 release including in-memory caching by way its unlogged tables feature. The unlogged table feature is not intended as a high-availability caching feature. Rather, the use case is for the caching to provide a solution for data that has a high volume of writes, but is not very valuable.

“The new database release will also include synchronous replication that can be controlled on a per transaction basis.

“What that means is the database administrator can decide on a per-transaction basis which ones need to be replicated and which ones don’t,” Josh Berkus, PostgreSQL core team member, told “The advantage of that is that there are a lot of mixed load applications which might have a small amount of essential data and a large amount of data that is not as important.”

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PostgreSQL 9.1 Gets Synchronous

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