Red Hat Advances OpenStack for Enterprise Deployments

Among the many contributors to OpenStack development, Linux vendor Red Hat tops the list as measured by volume of code contributions. For the Havana release, Red Hat made 3,381 code commits, which represent 21 percent of the code for Havana.

Tim Burke, VP Cloud Computing and Virtualization Development at Red Hat, explained to Datamation that with the Havana release the focus for Red Hat was about including more enterprise-level features. Burke said that OpenStack isn’t just for test labs now, it is actually being geared up to for large scale real world deployments.

Among the key new additions in OpenStack Hava is the Heat orchestration project.

“Heat enables the deployment of complex multi-tier services,” Burke said.

Looking forward to the next release of OpenStack, codenamed Icehouse, Red Hat is working on a new open source project called ‘Tuskar’ that is set to further improve cloud management. Tuskar will be about managing racks of systems, which could include hundreds of cloud servers.

“Tuskar is the next generation of Horizon and will be able to create resource classes that enable customers to flexibly build and manage cloud deployments,” Burke said.

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