Red Hat Aims to Accelerate OpenStack Adoption with RDO

Red Hat OpenStack RDO is being officially launched this week by the Linux leader as a way to enable easier adoption of OpenStack. Red Hat is also in the process of building a commercially supported, subscription-based enterprise release of OpenStack that is set to officially debut by the summer.

“While we work on the run-up to build our subscription offering, we want to have a community offering of OpenStack that tracks really closely what’s happening upstream and gets that technology into developers’ and end users’ hands really quickly,” Brian Stevens, CTO of Red Hat, told ServerWatch.

“We’re packaging the upstream on a rapidcadence with packaging for Red Hat based Linux distributions,” Stevens continued.  “Whether that is RHEL (Red Hat Enteprise Linux), Oracle Linux or CentOS, it doesn’t matter.”

Read the full story at ServerWatch:
Red Hat Launches Open Source OpenStack RDO

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