Red Hat Atomic Host Debuts as Optimized Docker Container OS

Red Hat first announced its Project Atomic effort in April 2014 as part of a broad push into the Docker Linux container space. While Docker is supported on the main Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 operating system edition, that OS is a general-purpose system and is not as tightly optimized for Docker as is Atomic Host.

Subhendu Ghosh, senior technology product manager at Red Hat, explained that a lot has happened since the initial announcement of Project Atomic. One of the big shifts has been Red Hat’s embrace of the Google-led Kubernetes open-source project for container orchestration. Red Hat has embraced Kubernetes for its container offerings, and the company is now the second-largest contributor in the community after Google, Ghosh said.

“Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host includes Kubernetes as the orchestration engine for multi-container, multi-host applications, managing the launch, state and communication for each container and host,” Ghosh told eWEEK. “In terms of changes, Kubernetes superseded geard for orchestration, which was demoed at Red Hat Summit in April 2014.”

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Red Hat Docker-Centric Atomic Host Linux Distro Debuts

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