Red Hat Demos CloudForms 2.1

CloudForms is a technology that enables hybrid cloud management. Red Hat first began building the technology in May 2011, and it has evolved significantly since then. A key step in the evolution of CloudForms came earlier this year when Red Hat formally acquired management software vendor ManageIQ for $104 million, bolstering Red Hat’s cloud management feature set.

Chris Wells, product marketing manager for CloudForms at Red Hat, explained to eWEEK that the CloudForms 2.0 technology, which was released in April 2013, also includes the rebranded ManageIQ components. He added that CloudForms 2.1, which was demonstrated at VMworld as a beta, will further extend the ManageIQ technology benefits into the Red Hat portfolio with updates to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization interoperability and OpenStack integration.

Read the full story at eWeek:
Red Hat to Advance CloudForms for Cloud Management

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