Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 Embraces Docker Containers

With Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5, Red Hat is now beginning to provide limited support for the new Docker container technology. Containers are lightweight virtualization constructs that can be more efficient with memory and storage space than traditional virtualization hypervisor technologies.

“Red Hat and Docker have jointly collaborated to ensure that Docker images can be run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5, but customers should refer to Docker for supported versions,” Siddharth Nagar, principal product manager, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, told eWEEK. “Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 now includes the necessary support in the operating system for Docker; however, users will need additional software directly from Docker to manage and manipulate images.”

The reason RHEL users will still need to get additional software from Docker is that it relies on Linux Container functionality, which isn’t yet fully supported in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Regardless of where the software is coming from, the net new capability is that users are able to run Docker containers on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5, Nagar said.

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