Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Gets SAP Certified

There is now a new choice for those looking to deploying SAP applications on Linux. Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) today announced that its Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL) operating system platform has now been certified for SAP (NYSE: SAP).

RHEL 6 is the latest release of Red Hat’s flagship Linux platform and was first released in November 2010. SAP applications had been certified on previous Red Hat releases, including RHEL 5.

Though RHEL 6 has been in the market for ten months at this point, the SAP certification process takes its own path.

“Companies like SAP have their own release cadence, so they choose the right point in their own timeline for when they start the certification process,” Jim Toten vice president and general manager of the Platform Business Unit at Red Hat, told “It isn’t the case that they’ve been working on it for ten months, but SAP just chose the right point in their cadence to go through the certification process.”


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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Gets SAP Blessing

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