Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Gearing up with Ideas

The next major release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux isn’t scheduled for general availability for another couple of years, making this the right time for Red Hat to get started on its development.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 is now starting to take shape as the Linux vendor begins the multi-year process that will ultimately result in a new enterprise distribution release. RHEL 6 was officially released in November of 2010 and RHEL 7 is currently scheduled for release in 2013.

“RHEL 7 is two plus years out, which from an upstream perspective is pretty darn close,” Ron Pacheco, Senior Director of Product Management at Red Hat told “A lot of the work that we need to do has to be in process now, particularly in areas where we want to enhance efforts in the community or do things like helping the Linux kernel scale.”

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Begins to Take Shape

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