Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Set to Improve Network Timing

One of the biggest areas of improvement in RHEL 7 is likely to be networking services.

Rashid Kahn, Senior Engineering Manager for networking services at Red Hat,  joked with the audience at the recent Red Hat Summit event, that from his perspective RHEL 7 is in fact, “all about networking.”

One of the major new improvements is the addition of the Team Driver. Kahn explained that the driver combines multiple networking interfaces into a single interface. The goal of the driver is to provide improved throughput, networking redundancy and easier management.

The Precision Time Protocol (PTP) will also land in RHEL 7. PTP was available as a technology preview in RHEL 6.4 and is expected to be fully supported in RHEL 6.5.

“If time is money, you might want to try PTP precision time protocol,” Kahn said.

PTP can have a use-case in high-frequency trading as it ensures

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