Red Hat Refreshes Flagship Linux Server

Red Hat has given its flagship Linux server a major upgrade. Version 5.5 of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is tailored around advances in virtualization technology and new interoperability features in Windows, as well as speedy new processor offerings from Intel and AMD.

And that’s not the end of the story. Red Hat’s latest comes as a prelude to the forthcoming Enterprise Linux 6 platform, which is due out in beta in the next month. Server Watch has the details on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5, and what to look for in version 6.

Red Hat is updating its flagship Linux server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), to version 5.5 providing performance and feature improvements.

The new Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) release takes advantage of the latest Intel and AMD processors as well as advancements in virtualization and Windows interoperability. The release of RHEL 5.5 comes as Red Hat is about to begin to ramp up its next generation Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 platform.

“We overlap on our releases as it takes many years to produce the new version – RHEL 6 – which is currently in development,” Tim Burke, vice president of platform engineering at Red Hat, told “Within the coming month we’ll have our beta release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.”

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 Released; RHEL 6 Coming Soon

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