Red Hat Talks Cloud App Management Tech

Red Hat is busily expanding its cloud computing offerings en route to what it says is a future where cloud applications are interoperable, portable, and easily managed by enterprise IT. Getting there requires a number of pieces, however — pieces that Red Hat itself aims to provide.

It’s all part of Red Hat’s Cloud Foundations strategy, involving Deltacloud, a Red Hat JBoss-based Platform as a Service, JBoss Developer Studio and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. The end result, according to Red Hat, is cloud applications that are easily managed by enterprise IT admins, and which can be moved with ease among clouds and data centers. Datamation takes a look.

With the proprietary enterprise software vendors all scrambling to co-opt cloud computing into a framework of their existing software and services, it should come as no surprise that vendors of open source technology are working hard to do the same.

For Linux giant Red Hat, the future of the cloud is one in which the technology is open and cloud-based applications can move freely between clouds and the enterprise. That’s the vision that Red Hat executives laid out today as part of the company’s Cloud Foundations strategy — and the vision they’re betting enterprise IT and developers will buy into.

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Red Hat Lays Out Cloud Foundations

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