Smith Micro Offers Outlook Plugin for Big Files

Relaying large video or image files through email can be a pain. But in the era of cloud computing, Smith Micro is touting what it describes as a secure solution that will enable Outlook users to get around size limits.

Smith Micro has released its SendStuffNow plugin, promising Outlook users easy and secure downloads of file attachments up to 2GB. Datamation takes a look.

Smith Micro said it is shipping a free plug-in for SendStuffNow — its cloud-based service that lets Outlook users send and receive files that are too big to transmit as e-mail attachments.

When a user sends a file that’s too large for e-mail transmission limits, SendStuffNow automatically removes the attachment, encrypts and compresses it, and sends it through the cloud to the recipient. Because it works with the Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Outlook client, it doesn’t require that users learn a different interface.

Read the full story at Datamation:

New Outlook Plug-in for Moving Big Files

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